After discovering her daughter Emily has high fasting insulin levels, Cary-anne Whewell has had to change her daughter’s diet. The results have been astounding.

What was happening to make you want to investigate Emily’s situation?

Emily’s mood swings and temper tantrums were getting out of hand atl home and at school. Emily’s teacher suggested I have her insulin levels tested. I had her blood sugar levels tested sometime ago and they were normal. But the pediatrician said we needed to do something about her weight and didn’t suggest that we check her insulin levels.

We had her insulin tested and it was 12 when it should have been below 9. I didn’t know then there was a difference between blood sugar levels and insulin levels.

How did you find the help you needed?

Sally was recommended to me by a friend for other health issues. I rang Sally and found she specialised in sugar levels. We went to see her – she has done me huge favours. Emily wasn’t eating the right type of

food to balance blood sugar levels and to sustain her. Emily has always been a healthy eater but we realised she was eating the ‘wrong’ healthy foods.

In what way has Emily’s diet changed?

We had to cut out all sugar, which included fruit. Emily was eating the wrong type of healthy’ food for her sugar levels. We’ve always eaten brown rice but now we add lentils and baked beans, which we never ale before. We’ve cut out fruit juice – it’s not ‘healthy’ for Emily.

What changes did you notice?

We noticed a change in Emily’s temperament within a week as well as a weight loss. No one likes their children to be unhappy and realizing we could make such a difference to her by making changes to her diet was a major relief to us! So far, Emily has grown two centimeters and lost 4 kilos. Her teachers at school, her friend’s parents and our friends cannot believe the change. She copes better emotionally; she’s doing better at school and at ballet. It feels like everything has just fallen into place.

How hard was it to change her diet?

The first day I saw Sally, I cried and thought I’m never going to get Emily to eat this food. Emily never ate bread, seldom had a sandwich in her lunchbox and hated drinking water. I told her it is a medical thing and this is the way it’s going to be and that’s it – she changed just like that. It was easier than I thought it was going to be.

What advice would you give other moms?

I’ve realised the importance of balancing blood sugar levels and feeding children food that it is going to sustain them. Moms ask me how I got Emily to drink water and I often say just don’t buy the juices. We give our kids too many choices. Say this is what is for supper and that is it. My advice to other moms is to be aware of sugar levels and educate yourselves.